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Clipper Motor Yachts

Formerly known as Clipper Motor Yachts

High Level of Standard Equipment and Quality Component

Our pricing policy is to sell a complete boat including all the popular options for our advertised price. What we include as standard, many other brands charge as options. Bow thrusters, Raymarine Electronics Packages, BBQ’s, TV’s, Anchors, Safety Equipment, Chain Counters, Inverters, 100 mtrs of chain, Stainless anchors, engine oil changers to name a few. Along with components from Smeg appliances, Sony TV’s, Cummins engines, Golden Burmese teak, Aritex Stainless, Cantalupi lighting, Tecma toilets and Raymarine electronics make Explorer Yachts exceptional quality and excellent value.

Full Time Employees Overseeing Quality in Asia

Our dedicated Explorer shipyards are state of the art temperature controlled boat building facilities and Explorer has three full time quality and design supervisors overseeing our boats production, final quality checks and new product development. Two of these supervisors live in China permanently.

Resale Value

Explorer Yachts Australia consistently maintain a high resale price due to the high demand for the boats on the pre owned market, limited allocation of new boats sold and happy owners holding on to their boats longer than other brands making used sales rare. Explorer models can sell for more money now than when they were new.

Explorer Yacht Club

Take a look at the Explorer/Clipper Yacht Club in Australia

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