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NOTE: From a owner in Perth who took delivery of his new 46 late last year (2013). The design & build allows our boats to accept these conditions.

Thanks again.

We had a horrid trip to our little island of our pretty ordinary coast about 4 weeks ago - only 20nm but the seas were huge with waves hitting the bow and crashing right over the top of the flybridge - but she handled it well and, if nothing else, we now know what she is capable of handling if we are stupid enough to go out in those conditions again.
Take care and hope to see you again in the near future

Cheers, Phil

To the team at Explorer/Clipper Motoryachts
Hi Crew,

I want to congratulate Explorer/Clipper for the friendly and professional way you guided me and my wife through what turned out to be the most pleasurable buying experience I have had to date.
Buying a boat at such a later stage of our lives was a big decision and we are both so happy with our "Island Explorer/Clipper".
We will send you all some photos of our trip to the Whitsunday’s and later this year we will venture down to Coffs Harbor.
Once again thank you and Keep up the good work, you have a great product.

Tom and Nancy, Tin Can Bay, QLD

To Darren Berry, Explorer/Clipper Motoryachts
Dear Darren,

Thank you for your kind hospitality you extended to Sue and I on our Maiden voyage aboard our new Explorer/Clipper.
We both love our boat and we will be spending this Easter Holidays exploring the Pitt Water with our extended families.
My son and grandkids love the walk- around decks, and the large back deck.
Please let us know when the next Explorer/Clipper owners rendezvous is scheduled, as we would like to meet other Explorer/Clipper owners.
Good Luck with all of your new models.

Ken and Sue, Windsor, NSW

Dear Darren Berry and Explorer/Clipper Staff

Trish and I are both thrilled about the quality of our boat "Southern Cross” and the way she handles the rough water. Your product and staff are a real credit to you and if you have any potential customers wanting to talk to a Explorer/Clipper owner please give them our details. Or if they want, I have left a message on the video that is on your website, we love our boat and would only ever settle for another Explorer/Clipper.

Steve and Trish, Tweed Heeds NSW

It always amuses me how things can change, I was just about to sign up with another brand of displacement cruiser when I saw the Explorer/Clipper 40 at the boat show for the first time the timeless design reminded me of a Gentleman’s cruiser. Having just sold my cruising yacht I understood where things should be and the Explorer/Clipper had it all everything was where a good designer would place it from light switches and draws to the mechanical equipment so I signed up for my new home. For me having the support of the Explorer/Clipper Motor Yacht team at the Rivergate Marina was just as important and I have found them to be most professional and experienced although I have never need to call except for social chat about my potential new Explorer/Clipper 52. Now two years on and I’m as satisfied today as I was when I took delivery in Brisbane and cruised to my home port in Sydney.
Best regards
Peter Gregory, M.V.ROYCE


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